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Birthday Party Programs

Make Stargazing Adventures part of your Astronomy and Space theme birthday party celebration. You do the plates, cups, napkins, and cake, but leave the activities to us. Our educational and interactive games will open the minds of any youngster. Included in all of our party programs is the following:

Moon Crater modeling to demonstrate how light affects what we see when we look at the Moon. Each person picks a crater name on the Moon and uses modeling clay to make a likeness of it. Afterwards we use a light source to demonstrate how the Sun interacts with each of the craters made. On evenings or nights when the Moon is viewable, this activity is followed by viewing the Moon to actually see what we have just learned. (approximately 15 to 20 minutes)

A demonstration that each person does to learn how the phases of the Moon work and why we see the Moon differently each night. This activity also teaches about how the Earth and Moon system interact with each other and how solar and lunar eclipses are made. (approximately 5 minutes plus 1 minute for each participant)

A demonstration of scale and just how big some of the stars are compared to our Sun and Planets. (approximately 5 minutes)

A demonstration that involves the entire group and teaches where our solar system is in relation to the stars in the sky and why we see what we see when we look into the night sky. (approximately 15 to 20 minutes)

A demonstration on the use of constellation and star navigating tools including star charts, atlases, and a lesson on the use of a planisphere. Each person will make their very own planisphere. (approximately 15 to 20 minutes)

If your party celebration is in the evening, your activities are followed by our night sky tour showing all of the visible constellations in the sky and then some actual observing through our big telescope. (approximately 1 hour or more)

If your party celebration is during the day, your activities are followed by our very cool demonstration of making a homemade Comet out of dry ice. This activity illustrates how a Comets nucleus, coma, and tail interacts with our Sun. (approximately 1 hour)

If your evening party is clouded out because of weather, or it is raining outside, instead of the outside telescope activity, we will have our homemade Comet activity instead.

All of the material and equipment for the above mentioned activities is included and provided by us. The Moon crater models and planisphere's made by the participants are theirs to keep.

If you already have your party activities planned and just want to add our telescope setup and viewing, then see our Evening Birthday Party program and Pricing.

Standard Birthday Package (12 participants or less, parents don't count)


Stargazing Adventures Standard Birthday Party Package

Large Birthday Package (24 participants or less, parents don't count)

Stargazing Adventures Large Birthday Party Package

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