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Program Pricing

Stargazing Adventures can put together a special program and price to meet your needs, or you can pick from these available pricing packages. All of the packages include the following:

Travel beyond 30 miles will have an additional fuel surcharge of $0.50 per mile. Travel distance is calculated by using Bing or other similar website. You can calculate this yourself using our location at I-295 and Old St. Augustine Rd. in Mandarin. Travel is calculated using the round trip travel distance beyond the 30 mile radius.

Individuals or Small Group (8 people of less)
$90.00 for one person (2 hour session)

Small Group Adventure

$10.00 for each additional person

Select Group Size

You can schedule to have an individual private session, a viewing session for a couple, or a small group of up to 8 people. If there are more than 8 people the price will revert to the standard group price.

Standard Group (24 people or less)
$175.00 (2 hour session)

Standard Group Adventure

Large Group (40 people or less)
$300.00 (2 hour session)

Large Group Adventure

Large Group package includes the set up of an additional telescope in order to keep the session fun and minimize waiting times for a view.

Patron Entertainment
$100.00 per hour (2 hour minimum) 

Select Guest Adventure

This program is designed for commercial establishments such as restaurants, hotels, retirement homes, etc. where an unknown number of people will be coming and going over a period of time.


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