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Evening Birthday Parties

Make Stargazing Adventures part of your birthday party celebration.

During Standard Time months, which run from late October until April, early twilight allows viewing opportunities to begin as early as 6:15pm. By planning an afternoon birthday party celebration, Stargazing Adventures can provide a fantastic ending to any party.

View your Star

Did you just buy a star name for a family member, friend, or relative? Did somebody just buy you a star name? Would you like to see your star? Just provide your paperwork showing the location with coordinates and Stargazing Adventures can find and show you your star.

Slumber Parties

Having a sleep over with friends? You don’t have to play the same old games or watch the same old shows like everybody else’s slumber parties. Make yours special by hosting a Stargazing Adventure.

Senior Living / Retirement

Seniors are always fascinated with the wonders in the sky. Stargazing Adventures will set up at your facility and show them things that many have never seen their entire life. The most common response by seniors that have looked threw our telescope is, “All of these years and I never knew you could see things like that!”

Medical studies have shown that seniors which engage in new and interesting activities that stimulate new areas of the brain help reduce the rate of cognitive decline and actually help fight Alzheimer's disease.

"Studies suggest that people with high brain reserve have almost half the risk of developing dementia and that Alzheimer's disease is less common among people who have a history of doing mentally stimulating activities.."

Dr. Judith Neugroschl, MD at Mount Sanai School of Medicine newsletter Focus on Healthy Aging, Vol 12, Num 12, December 2009

Give your seniors a new and stimulating gift they will forever appreciate.

Hotel Guest Viewing

Do you want to offer your guest something different? Stargazing Adventures can set up at your facility and offer special event viewing or regular viewing sessions for your patrons. They will always remember the hotel that gave them this stargaze opportunity.

Restaurant Viewing

If you are a restaurant owner or manager which operates with a regular wait time for seating, you know that a mere 45 minutes will seem like hours if all there is to do is sit around and wait for their name to be called, or their pager to activate. No need to have your patrons sit around bored any longer. Stargazing Adventures can be there outside of your restaurant to offer lots of viewing and fun for the patrons to make their wait time seem to pass quickly. Remember what they say about time and having fun.

Gift Certificates

Not sure when somebody will want an adventure, but you know that they would love it as a gift. Give them a gift certificate for whatever amount you would like that they can use towards the purchase of their stargazing adventure.


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